Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 7th Sept 2022: Jasmine Leaves Naaz To Tejo

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 7th September 2022: Jasmine leaves Naaz for Tejo, Welcome to #Udaariyaan #Todays #Written #Update #7th #Sept #Jasmine #Leaves #Naaz #Tejo. NCRExpressnews BlogThis is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast that we have today: :

Hello, all daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and most extreme TV drama “Udaria” is ready to make you feel on top with intense dramatic content through 7th September 2022 episode. After Jasmin completes the plans against Tejo and Fateh while burning her daughter Rahmat, with some questions in mind like who are her real parents, and why Tejo didn’t tell her the truth of her birth. So, now Rahmat is looking forward to find out the truth behind all this so that, everything can come out as clear as a mirror.

Meanwhile, Khushbir goes to talk to Jasmin and asks her for her motto behind the conspiracy despite knowing that her activities could turn many lives upside down. In short, Khushbir Singh condemns her for exploiting her and says that he will no longer allow her to live in the same village. Jasmin says that she has done all this for her benefit as she wants to give Naaz a grand life like Rahmat while she is not their real granddaughter. But Khushbir makes him realize his mistakes and asks him to leave the village and make amends.

Udaariyaan today written update episode

After leaving the house Jasmin thinks that Khushbir Singh is right and so she decides to leave the place so that no one gets affected. So, she initially calls Tejo and asks him to meet her as soon as possible because she wants to talk to them at any cost. Tejo says she will definitely come to see her and ask for the address, Jasmine leaves Naz at her house and catches the bus so that she can leave the village leaving Naz in charge of Tejo as she is the only one who can provide for him. The best life.

Later, when Tejo arrives at the right place, she is surprised to find no one there but Naz and a letter on the table. Then she reads everything and Jasmin admits everything while holding Naz responsible. Tejo goes blank after reading all this, because even though she knows she is young, she never thought that Jasmine could somehow leave her daughter. Then Tejo returns to her house and makes everyone aware of Naaz and Jasmine’s bond, don’t miss watching on Colors right now, and stay tuned with us for more details.

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