How Did Wes Freed Die? Drive-By Truckers Artist Cause of Death? Dies at 58

How did Wes Freed die? Drive-by truckers cause artist death? Died at 58, #Wes #Freed #Die #DriveBy #Truckers #Artist #Death #Dies welcome NCRExpressnews BlogThis is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast that we have today: :

Iconic artist Wes Freed has passed away. The visual artist’s work was synonymous with the Southern rock group Drive-By Truckers. The sad piece of news was confirmed by the band’s publicist. Let us mention that a GoFundMe campaign was also started earlier this year to help cover medical expenses related to his colorectal cancer diagnosis. Now the news has come out that this artist passed away at the age of 58 and left his relatives in deep grief. Let us know what happened to Wes Fried in the article below.

According to reports, Freed was suffering from colorectal cancer which eventually claimed his life at such a young age. As mentioned, a GoFundMe page was also created so that any kind of help can be provided to the visual artist to cover his medical expenses. Despite receiving the best treatment possible, Freed did not recover and, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease. Now, tributes and messages of condolence have flooded the internet. People who admired Wes Freed’s work and who he was as a person are saddened to learn of his unfortunate passing. Everyone has expressed grief over his death.

Who was Wes free?

Born on April 25, 1964 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA, Wes Freed was a visual artist. He was popular for his work on the album covers of Lauren Hoffman and many other American rock bands, including the Drive-By Truckers and Cracker. He reportedly created more than 10 covers for the aforementioned band in his career. Sources confirm that the group’s band members met each other while studying at the University of Alabama. Taking to Twitter and other social networking sites, people are posting heartfelt posts about his death and expressing their deepest condolences to his family.

Drive-By Truckers also took to Twitter to share a post. The band wrote that they know word is out and will post something as soon as they can. It is added that they are too sad to express anything at the moment. Apart from them, fans and common people have also expressed grief over the death of Fred on social media. No one seems to believe that the talented visual artist has passed away. He was only 58 at the time of his death which makes his death even more tragic. Our team also pays our deepest respects to him. May his soul rest in peace. Follow us for more updates.

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