BUKOLA ARUGBA CELEBRATES TOYIN ABRAHAM’S BIRTHDAY WELCOME TO #BUKOLA #ARUGBA #CELEBRATES #TOYIN #ABRAHAMS #BIRTHDAY NCRExpressnews BlogThis is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast that we have today: :

Nollywood actress Bukola Arugba is praising her senior colleague Toyin Abraham who entered a new age today.

The dark-skinned actress praised the single mother.

Speaking about Toyin Abraham’s personality, Bukola Arugba listed a long list of traits that set him apart from the competition.

He listed many of Toyin Abraham’s extraordinary qualities, including his deep intelligence, infectious prowess, powerful passion, loving heart, caring heart, friendly demeanor, independent spirit, goal-seeking, and tenacious nature.

She wrote;

“Oluwatoyin Owen, @toyim_abraham Abosede, Dada Omo Abraham Aya Ajeyemi. You are God’s special breed, a unique being, you have God’s special grace, because you are among His favourites, your wisdom is deep, your prowess is contagious, you are lovable You are, you are caring, you are friendly, you are free hearted, you are a dreamer, a goal achiever and a resolution achiever. Like Oluwatoyin I say to you with love, thank you for being more than just a friend, a sister, thank you for having friendship goals. I cherish our conversations, our laughter, our tears, our deep conversations, our eternal essence and your sense of humor so undeniable. Today as you celebrate your birthday, you will not die young, you will have good health, great wealth, great strength, peace of mind. And live to celebrate it in more grace in the mightiest name of Jesus Christ.

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