Conditions That Promote Multiple Pregnancy In Women

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Many things can affect a woman’s chances of having more than one child.

Listed below are some of the factors that contribute to multiple pregnancies as mentioned in an article published on the WebMD website:

1. The age factor

Women in their 30s are at risk for multiple pregnancies because as you get older, your body starts releasing more eggs at once.

2. Relationships within the family

One factor contributing to multiple pregnancies is family relationships. If you or someone in your family has twins, you’ve likely experienced something similar.

3. Fertility treatment

Using fertility drugs is another reason you may experience multiple births. Methods such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) sometimes involve placing more than one fertilized egg in your uterus. They can increase your risk of multiple pregnancies.

4. Genetic factors

Genetics is yet another factor that increases your risk of multiple pregnancies. If you are a multiple yourself or if multiple runs in your family, there is a high chance of getting pregnant multiple times. The maternal (mother’s) side of the family usually inherits this genetic trait.

Source: WebMD website

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