BBNaija: Hermes Analyses Housemates

BBNaija: Hermes Analyzes Housemates Welcome to #BBNaija #Hermes #Analyses #Housemates NCRExpressnews BlogThis is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast that we have today: :

Hermes, one of the Big Brother Naija housemates has analyzed his fellow housemates.

He believes he has discovered all his housemates and gives Alisyn her honest assessment.

After 41 days in the same house, the housemates have interacted enough times to get to know each other.

The master analyst of the house is Adekunle, but Day 41 introduced a new housemate analyst; Hermes. In a gardening session with his new girl Alisyn, he gives a brief breakdown of who the housemates are.

The conversation started with her explaining to Alisin how bored she was.

There are no activities during most hours of the day, and the only thing that keeps him excited in the House is the activities because he never knows what to expect.

Furthermore, he was bored and the housemates have “characters that go nowhere”.

He begins with Ryder Chizzi, describing him as a focused individual who is vocal about what he wants. The self-appointed food guard didn’t shy away from stopping former level 1 housemates from touching their food.

Hermes added that he didn’t care what Chizzi said about him, and he wasn’t out of print there.

In one of his diary sessions, he said that he was going to be an “extra” in the House just to become a nuisance to the housemates and nominate himself.

Hermes describes Adekunle and Doyin as intelligent, saying that Doyin is well educated and posh.

He also doesn’t want to partake in the hard work, and at the beginning of the season, this frustrates Hermes.

During his HoH tenure, Biggie asked him who he would nominate for the House, and he chose Doyin. Her justification was her lack of participation in household chores.

According to Hermes, Dotun is a great man. He’s calm and disciplined, and that discipline came through this week as he got the group together for rehearsals, waking them up when necessary.

Daisy, however, is a strategic guy for Hermes, but we have yet to see the presence of strategies.

Chomji, Fana and Chichi are hard workers. Chomzi was the first female HoH, and was one of the top contenders when it came to tasks in the House.

Chichi, on the other hand, is a woman who will do her best to ensure her well-being. Life has taught him that no one will do it for him and he needs to do it himself. Phyna also puts her all into everything she does.

Finally is the analysis of the girl he chose. Alisin, for her, has a lot of potential that she shuns because she feels that her light will hurt other people. His empathy towards people prevents him from enjoying his life and that is his biggest challenge.


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