Prince Oluzor Cause of Death? Timaya’s Manager Shot Dead in US Check CCTV Footage Video

The latest report has emerged that Timaya’s manager and childhood friend, Prince Olujor, was recently shot dead. According to reports, Prince Olujor was shot dead outside a gas station in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Timaya’s murder has been very shattering and painful for everyone. No one could have imagined that he could pass away in such a tragic and painful way. Prince Olujor was 38 years old when he was killed. Reports stated that the tragic incident happened around 9pm when Prince Olujor stopped at the BP along 14th Street NW on Atlantic Drive near Georgia Tech on Wednesday August 31st. While he was waiting in line at the store, he saw some people trying to get into his car. The men saw them trying to break into their car and ran to stop them.

Prince Olujor went to stop them, and as he was approaching them, a man shot at him and Prince Olujor was severely and brutally wounded by the bullet. According to reports, the suspects fled the scene after shooting Olujor, and Prince Olujor was rushed to the hospital but Prince Olujor did not survive the brutal and fatal gunshots. He died on reaching the hospital. The incident was so sad and tragic, it shocked everyone present nearby. The entire area is shocked to see this horrible incident.

Police officials said that about 2-3 people were involved in this heinous and heinous crime. The police also said that people involved in this deadly and heinous crime are being searched for and soon they will be sentenced to prison. The police promised to find the culprits of this deadly crime. In the last few months, the crime rate in America has increased dramatically. America, the world’s greatest superpower, is now deteriorating, and Americans are struggling with many problems. In recent times, incidents of gun violence have been on the rise. America is becoming the most unsafe country in the world to live in. The government has not been able to control the increasing incidence of gun violence. Authorities have failed to protect their citizens. The police officer has also requested the public to inform them if they find any clue about the murderer of the prince. Stay with us for all the latest national and international updates, news and information.

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