Call of the Night Episode 10 Release Date & Time Check Spoilers & Preview

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Fans were curious about Mahiru Seki when Nazuna showed suspicion of Mahiru Seki in Call of the Night Episode 9 and questioned her identity. Despite expectations that episode 10 would focus more on Mahiru, Seri Kikyo, the second vampire introduced in the series after Nazuna Nankusa. Seri’s transformation into the person who would take Yamori’s life left a terrifying impression. Having discovered the truth about Nazuna and Yamori’s relationship, she is no longer in danger. “No Fair” is the title of Call of the Night episode 9.

In the opening scene of episode 9, Seri Kikyo is annoyed by someone who keeps contacting her to inquire about her whereabouts. She was happy to see Yamori standing far away from her. Seri tried to jump up and hug Yamori but was suddenly stopped by Nazuna. After a brief fight, Nazuna wanted to know why she wanted to mingle with Yamori if it went against her code of conduct to not mingle with humans in the first place.

After Yamori left with an explanation, he decided to follow Seri to find out what was bothering her. A mysterious person who hammers on the door interrupts Seri and Yamori’s singing session. The former revealed that the person is one of his fans who has come his way. Seri wanted to kill this man, but Yamori hates bloodshed, so he saved the man and took him to a place far away from the karaoke bar.

He tells everything about himself, including how he met Seri after revealing that his name is Akiyama. Akiyama initially knew Seri as a friend, but later developed an obsession with her and fell in love. Akiyama tells Yamori that he’s not acting rationally, as many texts flood Seri’s inbox as a result of overthinking. Seri’s true self, where she shares many similarities with Nazuna, was revealed to the audience in Call of the Night episode 9.

Ceri tried to follow her vampire code to avoid being friends with humans, but friendship was what she always wanted. Seri had the option of killing Akiyama, but she decided against it because she considered him a friend and did not want the other vampires to learn of their relationship for fear that it might endanger Akiyama’s life. Overall, the episode was highly entertaining and kept the audience engaged throughout. Follow our site for more updates.

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