Farah Nasser Canadian Online News Anchor Swallowed a Fly on Air Viral Video

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Canadian news anchor Farah Nasser has become a topic of discussion on the Internet. Well, the anchor swallowed the fly on air while delivering a live TV segment in Pakistan. After the video of the incident went viral on social media, it has caught the attention of netizens. Many have had a good laugh about it, with many people even praising her professionalism as she continues to report after a fly flies straight into her mouth. Find out exactly what happened in the article below.

Well, being a TV anchor is not just about reciting lines from a teleprompter over and over again, they are tested by uncomfortable situations. However, Nasser was having none of that as he read the room and didn’t seem to notice what he described as first-world problems associated with the story he was presenting. The anchor reported, “Pakistan has never seen such an uninterrupted monsoon cycle. It has been raining continuously for eight weeks. A national emergency has been called..” It was at that moment that a fly entered his mouth and suffocated him.

However, Farah Nasser did not let the flight affect her recording and after a short pause, she continued reporting. Although his voice broke a little, he did not stop reporting and now his professionalism is attracting everyone’s attention. On Twitter, Farah Nasser posted a video of the incident in which she wrote that she is sharing it because everyone needs a laugh these days. “Today it flew in the air and swallowed it”, the anchor added.

Talking about the same thing in an interview, she said that she saw a fly flying at the beginning of the news and she is not like today, fly away, go away and don’t let it distract her. When Farah was asked if she actually swallowed the worm, she revealed that she swallowed the fly but actually threw it aside because she had another paragraph to finish. This is not the first time that such an incident has happened to a journalist, such incidents have also been seen in the past. Follow our site for more such updates and breaking news happening worldwide.

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