Watch Sanjog Todaya’s Episode 3rd September 2022 Written Update

The latest episode of Sanjog starts with Laxmita going to the police station where Alok sees her and asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi, who came to file a case against the person who cheated on her, said that he had promised to marry her but now he has refused. Alok asks if Amrita knows about the person. The target said that she could not tell him because the person who cheated on her was Amrita’s husband. Alok is shocked to hear about the target. Get more information about Sanjog 3rd September 2022 Written Update.

Amrita is completely unaware of Rajiv and Lakshya’s illicit relationship. Amrita asks Rajiv for breakfast, meanwhile, Rajiv gets a call from Alok and he asks her to come to him immediately. Alok further informs him that the target is going to file a complaint against him, Rajiv is shocked to hear Alok and hangs up. He then tells Amrita that Alok has called her immediately so she should leave. On the other hand, Gopal and Gauri are planning another robbery. Some of the gang members suggest her to reject the plan as we won’t get anything there but Gauri doesn’t listen.

There, Gopal is pleading with Gauri this time, she said that she is also pleading. Amrita gets angry but obeys Gopal and she leaves with the rest of the gang. Rajiv reached the police station and met Lakshitha and Alok there. Rajeev tells Alok that Laxmita is lying but Laxmita says that she cheated on him and he cannot deny their relationship. Alok shouts angrily and tells both of them to shut up. He then says that both of you are cheating on Amrita.

Alok tells Rajiv that Amrita will give birth to your child and you are having such an illicit relationship. He says that he now understands why he asked for a divorce. Alok gets angry and Rajeev tries to calm him down and asks him to think about Amrita. Alok says sister already suffered a lot because of you and your house and now you are asking me to keep quiet.

He claims to Alok that his relationship with Laxmita is over and asks him to trust her. But Alok is disappointed with Lakhita and Rajeev and worries about his sister. Tune in to Zee TV and watch the full episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and latest updates.


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