Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel, Cristina Kirchner’s attacker, had a criminal record

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The man arrested by Argentine authorities for allegedly assaulting Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner has been identified as Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel. The 35-year-old Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo, has lived in the neighboring country since 1993 and is registered to work as an app driver, according to the security minister, Anibal Fernandez.

Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel shows the revolver to the Vice President of Argentina

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, 69, was mercifully freed after the weapon misfired just inches from her head, the country’s president said. Hundreds of supporters gathered at the entrance to De Kirchner’s residence in Buenos Aires on Thursday night after a man threatened the politician with a gun.

Dramatic footage shows the man holding a weapon inches from his head as he greets the crowd. Seconds after the terrified politician clutched his weapon, his security agents could be seen bowing and holding his head as he overpowered the assailant.

President Alberto Fernandez said the gun, which was immediately seized, was loaded with five bullets but jammed when fired. He said: “A man put a handgun to her head and pulled the trigger. “Christina is still alive because, for some reason yet to be proven, the gun didn’t fire.”

The man — identified by detectives as 35-year-old Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel of Brazil — was arrested within seconds. Gina De Bai, a witness close to the vice president during the incident, told The Associated Press that she heard the trigger being pulled.

She said she did not know it was a revolver until the man was tackled by security personnel. The country’s economy minister, Sergio Massa, called the horrific incident an “assassination attempt.” “When hatred and violence dominate dialogue, nations are destroyed and events like this arise: assassination attempts,” he tweeted.

What is his occupation? Before that event

An official of the Ministry of Security said on condition of anonymity that the weapon was a 32 caliber Bersa. Suspect Montiel reportedly has Nazi tattoos and selfies on social media with celebrities such as media personality Zulma Lobato and influencer La Chabona.

He has also been on Argentine TV, including a recent interview on the Cronica channel, in which he criticized the Argentine government and Finance Minister Sergio Massa. Photos have surfaced of him sporting a large black-sun tattoo on his elbow.

The black sun, or sun wheel, is a symbol originally used by Nazi Germany and later by neo-Nazis and associated with Nazi occultism.

President Fernández called the assassination attempt “the most dangerous incident since the military dictatorship and democracy in 1983”. Former President Mauricio Macri also condemned the incident.

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He said on Twitter: “This very serious incident deserves an immediate and thorough explanation by the judiciary and security forces.” De Kirchner is currently on trial for corruption and came into contact with the mob on her way from court. He is suspected of having participated in schemes to waste public funds when he was president from 2007 to 2015. Prosecutors said De Kirchner could face up to 12 years in prison and a lifetime ban from politics if convicted. She has denied all the allegations.


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