85 Of The Very Best Clapback Tweets From Celebrities

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Along with the joy of social media, we also get a glimpse into the lives of glamorous celebrities. In just a few seconds, pop culture savvy can skim through the thoughts of A-listers and find some interesting details. But if there’s one thing we love more, it’s getting the most satisfying round of applause for an insult or an unkind remark.

After all, for every starstruck fan, there are at least two keyboard warriors who spew negativity just to stir some more drama into the pot. Even as they try (and fail!) to prove their worth, or forget that behind every star is a real person, some people beg to be put in their place. And the whole world is watching it happen.

Let’s give a round of applause for the disgusting celebrity tweets and fiery rants that have left some seriously bruised egos, shall we? Our team is here Bored Panda Twitter has been used to come up with the most razor-sharp snapbacks ever made in 280 characters. So grab your popcorn and pull up your chair because we’re about to reveal some of the best and wildest cases. Then be sure to support your favorite entries and share what you think about them in the comments!

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