Moment Parkour expert attempts urban running jump in London but plummets nearly 20ft to the ground

Parker failed! Man of the moment, 28, attempts incredible urban running jump across buildings in London, but falls nearly 20ft after missing his landing

  • Marcio Filipe (28) tried to jump from one wall to another when he missed his footing and fell 16 feet.
  • The Parker coach, who has competed in the sport since 2008, had a lucky escape with only a sprained wrist.
  • The area around the Waterloo roundabout, where the accident happened, is a popular spot for parkours
  • Despite falling and injuring himself, Mr Philip said he was ‘very excited about all the effort and this rescue’.


This is the terrifying moment Parker Koch plunged nearly 20ft after missing his landing point while attempting an incredible urban jump.

Marcio Filipe, 28, was trying to jump from one wall to another in London when his foot slipped and he fell to the concrete floor.

Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a sport in which people run, jump and climb over different terrains, such as jumping between buildings.

Mr Philip, who lives in Portugal, was attempting a ‘never before’ jump in Waterloo when he failed to land.

After plunging 16 feet into the concrete, he was left with only a sprained wrist.

Fellow parkour fanatic, Alex Steklyannikov, 28, who lives in London, filmed his friend as he tried the new move.

A parkour enthusiast launched himself off a wall in Waterloo, London.

He successfully pushed the first wall to reach the second wall.

This is the dramatic moment 28-year-old Marcio Philippe attempted to jump from one wall to another in Waterloo, London. He ran and successfully got off the first wall. Parkour fanatics regularly meet at this place to practice their jumps.

A friend waited at the bottom of the wall in case Mr. Philip was about to fall.  People were seen filming the stunt.

When he landed on the second wall, he lost his footing and lost his balance before falling 16 feet.

After successfully launching himself over the first wall, Parker Koch loses his footing while landing on the fall, causing him to fall 16 feet to the ground. Below him, his friend stands with his arms open ready to catch him if he slips.

The moment the thrill seeker lost his footing.  He is seen gripping the wall to prevent him from drowning.

As Mr Phillip fell to the ground, his friend, who had been standing by his side when he fell, was seen running to help catch him.

The thrill seeker tried to grab onto the wall before he fell nearly 20 feet. He then collapsed to the ground where his friend was seen running towards him to catch him. Both men collapse and fall to the ground. Mr. Philip just sprained his wrist.

He said: ‘I love parkour and have been training for 11 years.

‘I think it’s one of the few sports that ticks every box for fun, fitness, cardio and mental.

‘I want to push the game in the right direction and talk about it as something other than reckless.

‘Marcio has attempted this never-before-seen move 11 times before capturing this video. The idea is to take a quick step on the first wall and land perfectly on the second wall. A very difficult and accurate move.’

Mr. Philip has been competing in parkour since 2008 while Mr. Steklyannikov has been competing in thrill-seeking sports since 2012.

After posting the video on Facebook, Mr Philip, who teaches the sport in Portugal, said: ‘I had injured my left ankle in previous attempts and on this landing attempt the ankle just gave out and my leg went completely forward.

‘Managed to save myself in the middle and came out with only a bruised wrist.

‘Still super stocked with all the effort and these savings.’

A Parker fanatic made a lucky save after falling 16 feet while attempting the Parker Jump at Waterloo in London.  Saving himself in 'mid-air', he only managed to break his wrist.  Despite the fall, he said he was 'very excited by all the efforts and saves.'

A Parker fanatic made a lucky save after falling 16 feet while attempting the Parker Jump at Waterloo in London. Saving himself in ‘mid-air’, he only managed to break his wrist. Despite the fall, he said he was ‘very excited by all the efforts and saves.’

The parkour instructor documents all his jumps and exciting stunts on his Instagram page, which has nearly 100,000 followers.

His page shows him leaping from building to building in Santorini, Greece, running across narrow bridges in Porto, Portugal and launching himself off buildings in Portsmouth.

However, this isn’t the first time a parkour stunt has led to a nasty accident.

In 2019, Russian YouTuber Sergey Shorokhov and parkour professional, fell from the 25th floor of a building but managed to save themselves by hanging on to electrical cables.

When people came to his aid, he pulled himself onto the roof and was struck by electric wires.

What is Parkour?

  • Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a non-competitive sport where people move freely over different terrains.
  • This includes running, jumping and climbing
  • It was founded in France in the 1980s
  • Its name derives from the French word Parcours meaning path or path and involves training the body to be able to quickly and efficiently navigate obstacles found in urban environments.
  • It is a sport that reveals one’s physical and mental limits
  • Parkour UK reiterates that, like all sports, there is a risk of injury that participants must be aware of
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